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Segment #6 from Susquehanna University


 Let’s head to the Susquehanna River, the university’s namesake, just a short walk from campus. We’ll meet Danielle, a junior double major in ecology and earth and environmental sciences. She’s on campus today, but she’s also been “in class” in places like forests and wetlands and even the Bahamas. Tell us your story, Danielle.

Thanks, Alex. Hey, guys! Growing up visiting America’s national parks, I learned that it’s only right to leave the world just a little bit better of a place than we found it. This coupled with my love for adventure has led me to pursue degrees in earth and environmental science and ecology. The next generation of scientists needs hands-on opportunities like those we enjoy here at Susquehanna. We start research as soon as our first year, and it’s not uncommon for students to have their names on multiple published scientific papers before graduation. My personal favorite place on Susquehanna’s campus is our Freshwater Research Institute, which we like to call the F.R.I. Here, I’ve worked as a summer stream team intern as well as a coordinator of our environmental education and outreach program. When it comes to facilities and equipment, we have everything from state-of-the-art labs and field stations to our 14-acre solar array, which powers 30% of campus operations. Our classrooms are just as much inside buildings as they are in the forest, wetlands, streams or here at the Susquehanna River and our bee aviaries. Some of our labs even extend to places like The Bahamas and Costa Rica. Students can participate in hands-on internships like mine with Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game. These opportunities further prepare us for graduate school or to hit the ground or waters running when we begin our careers. The faculty and staff at Susquehanna have always encouraged me to reach my fullest potential. Not only do they teach classes and labs, but they also are wonderful resources as club advisors and mentors, which I have felt personally while serving president of our “Get Everybody Outdoors” club and as a sustainable project leader in our office of sustainability. When I first started college, my ultimate goal was to take advantage of all the opportunities Susquehanna has to offer. I’ve gained knowledge, field experience, and a deeper passion and drive for the things that I love. And that’s a little bit about my story. Back to you, Alex.

Thanks, Danielle. At Susquehanna, you can put your passion to work every single day. It’s crystal clear that you are committed to environmental stewardship, and so is Susquehanna who’s been named one of the country’s most environmentally- responsible colleges by the Princeton Review for its ongoing sustainability efforts. 

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