Residence Life

Segment #2 from Texas A&M University


At Texas A&M, more than 11,000 students live on campus. Kaiya is one of them. She’s a freshman engineering major from Houston, Texas. Living on campus, there’s plenty of amenities, like three campus recreation centers, a catch and release fishing lake, and even an artificial ski slope called “Mount Aggie.” Kaiya, walk us through living on campus.

What’s up, everyone? Choosing what college to attend is a major decision, that’s why I took my time to learn all about Texas A&M University before I decided that it was the perfect fit for me. I’ve always looked forward to being in an environment that pushed my academic goals, and Texas A&M has all the resources for me to achieve that. Living on campus surrounded by resources that can help me thrive in my classes and keep a healthy social life has been a significant part of my success here. I’ve made so many friends in Clement Hall. Studying together in the dorms and hanging out at the end of the day is the best part. With housing options, like living learning communities or apartment style housing, I found what I was looking for. I’m also close to so many on-campus dining options, including all you can eat at Sbisa Dining Hall, three Chick-fil-A’s and five Starbucks across campus where I love to grab coffee. Within a 15 minute walk from my dorm, I can find the student rec center, which has amazing facilities, like their 44 foot rock climbing wall and state-of-the-art gym. The Memorial Student Center, which has tons of meeting space for organizations and the campus living room called the Flag Room. In many of my academic buildings, being so close means it’s super easy to get involved on campus and stay active after class. I’ve learned how much of an advantage it is to live on campus, not only for my social wellbeing, but also by meeting my academic needs. I can only hope that having these resources in my reach proved to be beneficial as I continue my education here at A&M. Now back to you, Alex.

Kaiya, thank you for being our guide to on-campus living. You have really made the most of your first semester at Texas A&M. It’s great that the campus is starting to feel like home. With a variety of housing options, every student can find the right fit for them. That was great. Take care.

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