Traditions and Core Values

Segment #1 from Texas A&M University


 Parker is a senior mechanical engineering major here to tell us why traditions matter at Texas A&M, I’m here with Reveille, the Texas A&M mascot, and highest ranking member of the Core Cadets. Rev and I are excited to hear Parker tell us more about the traditions that make A&M so special.

Thank you so much, Alex, and howdy y’all. Now every Aggie here has their own Aggie story, and mine starts in Austin, Texas, where I was fully convinced I’d stay there for school, but that changed when I toured Texas A&M. From the second I stepped foot on campus, I knew there was something special about A&M’s culture that could not be matched. I heard about meaningful traditions on campus, but it wasn’t until I saw them for myself that I truly understood what it means to be an Aggie. Silver Taps and Muster are memorial services held on campus to honor Aggies who have passed away. The first time I experienced Silver Taps, I realized I was part of something way bigger than myself. I’m part of a student body that will honor my name and my family even if they never meet me. I’m also part of a student body that will light a candle in my name at Mustard when I pass, a student body that stands during the entirety of every football game, a student body that makes everyone feel at home regardless of any circumstance. It’s tradition that binds us into a family that honors and respects each member, their beliefs, background and values. We are bound by six simple core values, respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity, and self of service. Whether you’re a student, alumni, faculty, or staff here at Texas A&M, you take these values to heart and carry them them with you through life’s challenges and successes. My time at Texas A&M has been significantly shaped by traditions such as Silver Taps, the 12th Man, the Century Tree, and the Aggie Ring. Tradition is what makes this massive campus feel like a small home for each and every student that steps foot in Aggieland, tradition is what makes A&M unlike any other university. Back to you, Alex.

Wow, Parker, thanks for guiding us through these pass down activities and ceremonies. The Aggie spirit is more than just the name of the bus system on campus. It’s a reverence for traditions and upholding the Aggie core values. 

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