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Segment #9 from Susquehanna University


I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this next student. Meet Kallan, a senior environmental studies major with a minor in sustainability management. When she graduates, she’ll be running away with school records and the personal satisfaction that comes with being the best version of yourself, thanks to her experiences at Susquehanna. Let’s try to catch up with Caitlin right now.

Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. Growing up, I loved running. From field day events to lacrosse tournaments, I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that came with running outside, but I wasn’t sure about competing in college until I stepped foot into Susquehanna’s track and immediately felt the urge to continue my running career. As a River Hawk student athlete, my coaches and teammates are always pushing me to get better and my professors are supportive and flexible. I’ve grown significantly as both a person and a runner. I even own a few school records. This fall, I claimed the 6K title by becoming just a second woman in program history to break 22 minutes. I love the atmosphere here. My D3 student athlete experience is second to none. It has allowed me to compete at a high level while both excelling in the classroom and giving back to the surrounding community. I’ve made strong connections through our service leaders program. This four-year internship has allowed me to fulfill service hours each semester by working with a community partner in nearby children’s museum. Making a meaningful impact within the community has inspired me to stretch my service experience beyond Susquehanna AND the local river valley. Last summer, I studied abroad in the Galapagos Islands, hundreds of miles off the coast of Ecuador. I participated in conservation work by feeding giant tortoises at the Galapagos National Park. It was absolutely remarkable to have served and volunteered during my study abroad experience. When I first started college, I never would’ve imagined how much I would learn, experience, and accomplish during my time here. Through the amazing tight-knit community, I met so many fabulous people and the memories I have made will last a lifetime. I will forever be grateful for Susquehanna. For now, I’m off to chase down an all-American finish. Back to you, Alex!

Kallan, you’re the perfect example of the student athlete experience where individuals and teams rack up wins, records, and championships. They find time to give back through service, nearby and far, and leave here empowered to lead a successful and meaningful life. Good luck to you, Kallan. We are all rooting for you. 

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