Science: Redefining What’s Possible with Nashaita

Segment #3 from Florida Tech


It’s now my great pleasure to introduce you to Nashaita, who came to Florida Tech from the other side of the world to study astrobiology. And she stayed to get both her master’s and PhD in biomedical engineering. If anybody knows about science and research at Florida Tech, it’s her. What’s up, Nashaita?

– Thank you, Alex. From the bustling streets of Mumbai, India to the vibrant campus of Florida Tech, my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a deep love of space and a strong interest in life sciences, I wanted to pursue a major that would merge the two. So, I found my fit in the Astrobiology program at Florida Tech. Towards the completion of my degree, I sought a more hands-on research experience, so I stayed to pursue a master’s degree. Now, I’m towards the completion of my PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Every science lab feels like a sanctuary to me. Surrounded by cutting-edge equipment, I get to immerse myself in the fascinating world of biomedical research. It is in spaces like this that I’ve had the privilege of working with professors, like Dr. Kishore, a guiding light whose mentorship has propelled me forward in my field. My research focuses on ACL reconstruction applications, a subject that holds personal significance in my life as someone who has undergone three ACL reconstructions. Through this work, I hope to make a difference in the lives of those facing similar challenges. Florida Tech is full of people like me, people who are passionate about improving the world through science and research. Students here are pursuing potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, developing methods for sustaining life on Mars, designing innovative cybersecurity technologies, and finding new ways to address coral reef decline. Florida Tech is more than just a university. It is a community of people who truly care about every student’s success. Having the unwavering support of professors, staff, and even my peers has made this experience truly extraordinary and set me on a trajectory to make a difference in the world. Now, back to you, Alex.

– Making a meaningful difference. Wow, Nashaita, thank you so much. We can definitely see why you picked Florida Tech for your bachelor’s degree and why you chose to stay for your master’s and doctorate. So many eye-opening scientific research opportunities. It’s simply awesome. Best of luck in your future, Nashaita, and thanks again.

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