An Abundance of Involvement with Marcello

Segment #4 from Florida Tech


Okay, everyone, let’s take a moment to meet Marcello and talk Student Life. An international student who came to Florida Tech from Venezuela, Marcello can tell you about almost every aspect of Student Life at Florida Tech because he’s pretty much done all of it. You might even call him the King of Getting Involved. It’s all you, Marcello.

– Yep, that’s me. Thanks, Alex. I came to Florida Tech from my home country, Venezuela. I’ve always been a huge people person, so coming here, I knew I had to find ways of getting involved in my community. Thankfully, Florida Tech Student Life offers abundant ways of doing just that, whether it’s through joining one of our 100 plus clubs, attending events, participating in activities, or gaming in our awesome Esports Center. Here, you can play just for fun or join one of our competitive junior varsity or varsity teams. I got my start by joining the Latin American Student Association, where I met others who enjoyed my culture and I even learned how to dance. We choreographed a routine for Florida Tech’s Annual International Festival and performed it in front of everyone. Soon. I had all these incredibly diverse friends who were also super involved. Over time, I wanted to do more and more. I became an orientation leader ’cause I wanted to help show new students what we love so much about our university. And because I enjoy living on campus, I also applied to become a resident assistant. In this role, I got to put fun events together such as barbecues, game nights, and even haunted houses. And of course I met a ton of amazing people. We take classes together, participate in clubs together, and of course we eat together. One of my favorite places on campus has to be the Panther Dining Hall, where my friends and I enjoy meals together as much as possible. The food is great and the staff is always ready to greet you and feed you with a smile. I made a ton of friends. I became a resident director and I even got to be Homecoming King. But most importantly, I learned that every student has the power to bring something positive into other students’ lives. Am I right about that, Alex?

– Totally right, Marcello. Students getting involved so they can make life better for other students, what a great message. And wow, it sounds like there’s a way for every student at Florida Tech to make their experience special. Marcello, thank you for bringing us into your world and showing us what it means to get involved. Great job.

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