Aeronautics: Reaching New Heights with Zach

Segment #5 from Florida Tech


Attention, passengers. This is your captain speaking. It’s time to hear from senior aviation management major and fan of everything that flies, Zach, who hails all the way from Wooster, Ohio. We’ll meet Zach over at the university’s flight line, located just down the road at the Melbourne Orlando International Airport. Time for takeoff, Zach. You got the controls.

– Hey, everyone. I discovered my love for aviation when I was just four years old, the day my grandparents took me to my first ever air show. Ever since, I’ve had my eyes on the sky. I came to Florida Tech to build a career out of my greatest passion, and I’m not alone. Students who want to become pilots come from all over the world to study at Florida Tech. Here, they can start flying their first semester on campus, learning from top instructors and preparing for a future job with one of Florida Tech’s partner airlines well before graduation. Of course, the College of Aeronautics is more than flight training. It offers programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in many aspects of the global aviation industry, such as aviation science, human factors, meteorology, safety, air traffic control, and my personal favorite, aviation management. Being a student in Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics means learning from professors who are accomplished industry experts. My professors are pilots, air traffic controllers, planners, managers, and consultants. Plus, you’re always learning from students as equally passionate and driven as you are. Outside of class, I lead Collegiate Aviation Business Executives, or CABE, one of many active student organizations on campus. With the support of my department and many enthusiastic alumni, I’m able to travel across the country with CABE to attend airport tours and professional conferences, where we explore our career possibilities side by side with some of aviation’s greatest leaders. Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to explore and jumpstart my career by completing an internship at the nearby Melbourne Orlando International Airport. So Florida Tech has not only given me a foundational knowledge in aviation management, they’ve given me an insight into my career that will help me pave my own path forward. That’s it for now. Back to you, Alex.

– Great job, Zach, and thanks so much for the behind-the-scenes look at Florida Tech’s Flight Training Center, as well as the Melbourne Orlando International Airport. Your internship there working alongside experienced airport managers and aviation professionals must have been so awesome. Keep up the great work, Zach.

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