A Welcoming Community with Ceana

Segment #6 from Florida Tech


Let’s meet Ceana, an ocean engineering major from Gulfport, Mississippi, who started her Florida Tech experience as a transfer student. Now a senior getting ready to graduate, Ceana’s story is about the extreme sense of warmth you will feel as a Florida Tech student. And no, she’s not talking about the weather. It’s all about the people. Over to you, Ceana.

– Thanks, Alex. Hey, y’all. When I first came to Florida Tech to do my campus tour, I instantly felt like I was a part of the campus community. Every person I met that day, from the admission counselors to the professors, gave me such a warm welcome that I left my tour feeling like Florida Tech was home. Later, as an incoming transfer student, I was worried that making friends would be tough, but with each class and every meal I eat at the Panther Dining Hall, I built new friendships. My classmates, more quicker than expected, became an important part of my life. We share birthdays together and spend holidays when home is a little too far away. We laugh together, support one another, and are always there to celebrate each other’s wins. As a member of the Panther Media Group, I feel at home every time I enter the studio to hang out with my friends. I feel at home every time I go into library and see my classmates working on projects. I even look forward to saying, “Hi,” to Oscar, the trolley driver, as well as our campus dining staff every day. There’s such a strong community and a warm welcoming culture here that finding a sense of belonging is effortless. Even though Florida Tech is a relatively small university, it is big in character. Students from all over the world attend Florida Tech, which creates an open and dynamic atmosphere, but familiar and comfortable. Wherever you look, there’s a friendly face. At Florida Tech, I’ve learned the importance and beauty of community. With the help of my professors and peers, I’ve been able to be successful both in and outside the classroom. This is truly my home away from home. Now, back to you, Alex.

– Thank you, Ceana, for sharing your story and your heart with us today. I’ve gotta tell you, the first time I visited Florida Tech, I felt that sense of community you’ve just described. And now that I’m back, it’s even stronger. This is a special campus filled with amazing people, Ceana, and you are one of them. Thank you so much.

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