STEM Excellence

Segment #5 from Lamar University


We are now going to introduce you to Hannah, a senior majoring in biology and chemistry. Like many other students at Lamar, Hannah has a passion for STEM, also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and she’s gonna talk to us a bit about Lamar’s commitment to the STEM learning environment. Hannah, take it away.

Hello, Alex and welcome everyone to Lamar University, I always wanted to be a doctor and that meant completing a quality undergraduate STEM program. Growing up locally and having parents that graduated from Lamar University, I am confident in the education that I’m receiving here. As a presidential scholar and member of the Rio Honors College, I began my education with a built in support system of peer and faculty mentors who encouraged interactions among individuals with diverse backgrounds. I’ve combined my dedication to academic excellence, community involvement, and organizational leadership to create a productive college experience. Whether participating in projects, benefiting those in need or promoting Lamar University’s Women in STEM organization as a founding member, opportunities always arise for personal growth and development. I spent a lot of my time in Lamar’s 83,000 square foot science and technology building. It supports classroom instruction, university research projects and undergraduate STEM programs, encouraging collaboration and cutting edge operations amongst professors and students. The maker space area provides hands-on learning, allowing the production of product prototypes. On a personal note, I love the study rooms located here and I use them regularly. Lamar University is dedicated to all things STEM and remains one of the top producers of high-achieving graduates from these assorted fields. From providing current students with influential internships to supporting diversity and minority involvement in STEM fields and to offering STEM summer outreach programs to the public, Lamar University’s effect on our surrounding community and world is far reaching. Starting college is an exciting yet uncertain time for everybody. I found that Lamar University felt more like home than school. As I move forward to medical school upon graduation, I am certain that Lamar University’s undergraduate program has prepared me with a strong foundation on which to grow. Thanks for stopping by, Alex, back to you.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Hannah, I can’t believe how many options there are for students that are interested in the STEM field. It sounds like you have taken full advantage of the college experience and that is what it’s all about. Thanks again, Hannah. 


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