Student Leadership

Segment #10 from Southwest Baptist University


While academics are important in college, the holistic campus experience at SBU also encourages servant leadership. Britney, a marketing major from Webster Groves, Missouri is gonna tell us how being a student athlete and a campus leader has taught her skills she wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. Let’s hear your story, Britney.


– Thanks for that intro Alex. Growing up, I was told I shouldn’t take having an education for granted. Because I’m a triplet, I wanted to make college more affordable for my parents. SBU helped me do that through academics and athletic scholarships, as a member of the track team. I was drawn to Southwest Baptist University because of their faith integration in academics and in campus life. I’ve always been a believer, but I never really knew how strong I could grow in my faith until I came here. Being a leader on campus has shown me how much I love my school. As a leader in student association, I have helped organize events. I love to see students get involved and it gives me the opportunity to really get to know my fellow peers. For example, I helped with our Bearcat Back-to-School Bash, which is a fun event with music, pizza and a ton of yard games. It was a really cool moment just to see our campus come together as a whole. When I first started college, I really thought that it was just going to help me academically, but boy was I wrong. Through student association and track, I’ve been able to hone my skills as a leader. I’ve learned that I can’t do all of these things in my own strength, but rather lean on the Lord and my teammates and coaches as well. SBU’s close knit community makes it easy for students to find leadership opportunities. All in all, SBU has taught me that you can’t do this whole life thing alone. So thank you SBU for teaching me the things that I would not have learned had I gone anywhere else? That’s all for me. Alex, you can take it back.


– That’s great, Britney. I don’t know how you keep up with track, student leadership and your classes all at the same time. SBU makes it easy for students to get involved on campus and become a true servant leader, which helps build a stellar resume for future employment or grad school applications. Cheers, Britney. I wanna thank all the amazing students from Southwest Baptist University, for sharing their incredible stories. Thank you for sharing about how God is using SBU to help you find your purpose and pursue your calling.

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