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Segment #7 from Kean University


Get ready to level up with Tatiana. She’s a psychology major on a pre-med track. Because of tough circumstances during her high school years, she almost didn’t make it to college. But through Kean’s Bridge of Success Program, she rocked a 4.0 college GPA, and is on her way to medical school. Tatiana, please take it away.


– Thank you, Alex. Hi, everyone. I had a rough start in my journey to college. I did not think college is in my future as I was not the ideal high school student. I had a low GPA and faced a devastating recurrence within my family, which hindered my academic success. My mother had unfortunately suffered a major stroke. Instead of prioritizing homework and the SATs like most high school students, I prioritized my mother’s life. I had almost given up my pursuit to college, until I learned of Kean’s Bridge to Success Program. Without the Bridge to Success Program, I would not be in college today. The bridge to success program offers incoming freshmen, the necessary tools, resources, and support to succeed during their undergraduate journey. During the program’s orientation, the director of the program Ms. Bailey, told each and every one of us, we were capable of success. She also told us, that we were capable of earning a 4.0 GPA our very first semester. Although apprehensive, I jotted that goal into my freshman planner. Talk about foreshadowing. I sat down with Ms. Bailey and shared my story with her. The reassurance and support I gained from her, was what I desperately needed to hear. I knew I was not entering a university that only viewed me as another tuition payment, but as a valued and promising student. A lot of prospective college students are in the same position I was in. We feel our GPA is too low, we won’t be successful and we won’t gain entry into college. I want prospective college students to know that they have options. Your aspirations and pursuits of further education, should not be abandoned due to struggles and inaccessibility. Kean has many programs from tutoring to advising, peer mentors and writing support, that help students stay on their path to earn a degree. Kean University has paved the way to my future success. I am proud to report, I have a 4.0 cumulative GPA, and I am applying to medical school. I couldn’t have done it without you Kean. Back to you, Alex.


– Wow. You are incredible, Tatiana. It’s empowering to hear your uplifting story of overcoming such adversity. It’s amazing that Kean helped you get a college education and persevere through the hard times. You did it, and now others know, they can do it too. Congrats and best wishes for your bright future.

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