SUSLA Connect Program with Jaden

Segment #10 from Southern University


Say hello to Jaden, a sophomore from Shreveport, Louisiana. Southern is the only HBCU system in the nation. This includes its two year institution, Southern University at Shreveport. In the Southern system, Shreveport students have the unique opportunity to go from a two year to a four year university seamlessly right here on the Baton Rouge campus. Tell us more, Jaden.

– Thanks, Desi. While looking for a college, I wanted a place that would push me to challenge my abilities as well as provide me with the necessary resources to succeed. Growing up in Louisiana, I’ve always heard people rave about the illustrious history of Southern University and its commitment to educating and graduating individuals who make a positive impact on society. While I wasn’t exceptional high school student, my transition to college did not go as smoothly as I expected, and I took some time off. When I was ready to re-enroll, I was introduced to the SUSLA Connect program. This program is for students who don’t quite meet all of their requirements for the Baton Rouge campus, but meet the requirements for Southern University’s Shreveport, Southern’s two year university. This program allows me to take classes and be a part of student engagement here on the Baton Rouge campus as I study mechanical engineering. Since I’ve been at Southern, I’ve joined a residential life staff, interned at a gravitational wave observatory, and also visited Columbia University’s Climate School. I’m currently conducting chemistry and virtual reality research here at Southern. Of course, it’s not all work. I also enjoy spending time at the eSports lab, bowling alley, and our rec center. As a student who did not have have ideal grades at the time, I appreciate how Southern and Baton Rouge treated me no differently. I have access to sporting events, campus shuttles, student health, and more just like everyone else. Through the programs that I’ve participated in, I’ve had the opportunity to network and work with many talented researchers and professionals from all over the world. After I complete my associate’s degree, I can seamlessly continue to pursue my bachelor’s degree thanks to the support of Southern University. Back to you, Desi.

– That is fantastic, Jaden. Southern continues its mission of accessibility to anyone seeking higher education at every level, and the Susla Connect program is a shining example of just that. Students really get double the opportunities, and I for one, cannot wait to see what Jaden’s VR research yields. Thanks, Jaden.

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