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Segment #10 from University of Illinois Chicago


It’s time to meet Jonathan. He studied biology as an undergraduate and these days he’s all about keeping people smiling. UIC students are uniquely passionate about their institution. Many stick around after graduation and join the various graduate and professional schools to become pharmacists, lawyers, physical therapists and more. Tell us all about it, Jonathan.

– Thanks Alex, hi everyone. As a kid, I knew I wanted to spend my life putting smiles on people’s faces. As I grew older, I found purpose in the field of dentistry. The joy and laughter that my dentist brought to the clinic inspired me to follow in his footsteps, and it was there that I first set my eyes on the UIC College of Dentistry. While shadowing at that dental clinic in high school, I learned about UIC’s guaranteed admissions programs and was encouraged to apply to dental school before I began my undergraduate studies. Once I was accepted to UIC and the honors college offered a four year full ride scholarship for underrepresented students like me, I knew that UIC was the right place. From the first time I stepped on campus in the residence halls, I made lifelong friends, explored my interest in music and research and just had fun. During my time as a pre-dental biological sciences major, I joined a community of brilliant students, researchers, academic advisors and mentors to develop my skills. Now I’m a proud UIC graduate and I feel unstoppable. UIC is the perfect place for aspiring researchers and scientists. It’s part of the school’s identity as a Carnegie research 1 institution, the highest distinction a research university can achieve. UIC professors are experts in their fields. They discover what some others only teach. These working scientists are great resources in the classroom and the lab, helping students make an early scientific impact in their field. When I first started at UIC, I couldn’t imagine where I’d be today. I’m so grateful to call UIC my home for research, learning, friends, mentors and family. I can’t wait to bring the world more smiles through dentistry and research. Back to you, Alex.

– Amazing Jonathan, it sounds like the unlimited opportunities and your passion for dentistry ignited a perfect match. Your success is a great example of how the full support of academic advisors, support programs, financial resources and faculty converge to help students like yourself reach their goals.

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