Waterfront Location

Segment #3 from Roger Williams University


I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this next student. Let’s head over to Julia and find out what there is to do in this town. If you ask students what’s your favorite thing to do on campus, they would likely say that it’s sitting by the water. Did you know Roger Williams’ campus is right on Mount Hope Bay? Let’s hear more about it from Julia. Take it away.


– Thanks, Alex. Growing up, I always loved the ocean and when it came time to picking the university I knew I wanted to leave my hometown but still be close to the water. That’s why Roger’s location was the perfect fit. Bristol is a town ranked number 25 best small towns to live in because of its amazing views and waterfront location. In town, you can always find me grabbing a coffee from the Beehive Cafe or getting a quick bite to eat at the Beach House. One of my favorite things to do is get ice cream from Jewel’s and go to Colt State Park to watch a sunset with friends. Inside Colt State Park you can find the East Bay bike path which many students love to explore. If you’re a beach goer like I am the closest one is just five miles away. Bristol’s also ranked one of the safest college towns in the US. Back on campus you can still find breathtaking views, an ocean breeze and a shell path along the shore. One of my favorite spots is the Sailing Center where I can relax and get work done. If you’re more adventurous, you can rent a kayak or even learn how to sail for free. The waterfront location gives so many of our students hands-on opportunities to grow and learn within their major. Going to college in a coastal community isn’t something many people can say. I’ve truly fallen in love with Rhode Island and all it has to offer. These past two years at RWU have been unforgettable and I’m so proud to call Bristol my home. Well, that’s my experience living in Bristol. Back to you, Alex.


– Thank you for showing us those awesome spots. It’s great that you found a place that feels like home. Being right on the water can provide many unique opportunities for students. I’m gonna have to get out on that water when I finish this up. That was awesome.

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