Caring Community with Hailey

Segment #6 from Carroll University


It’s time to meet Hailey, a junior Communication major from Franklin, Wisconsin. Not every student knows exactly what they want to do when they enter college. In fact, students often change their minds at least three times. But Carroll’s caring and dedicated faculty and staff encourages students to find purpose and meaning while attending college. Tell us all about it, Hailey.

– Thanks, Alex. I’ll take it from here. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to go to college. It was a difficult transition from high school, especially when I had no sense of what I wanted to study. The main reason why I chose Carroll was because of the scholarships and because my parents are both alumni. Even though I was lost in the beginning, I now believe that choosing Carroll was one of the best decisions of my life. Entering college during Covid was tough. Carroll had done their best to make things as normal as possible, but I continued to struggle in connecting with my peers. Thankfully, it was my professors that really came through for me. Their caring approach helped me realize that I belong. Halfway through my first year, I declared a major in Communications and started participating in clubs and organizations that my faculty advisor encouraged me to join. I have made so many friends on campus, which has made me feel so much more at home. I found a family in the Carroll Players, our on-campus theater group, and realized that the piece I’ve been missing from my life was acting. That’s my passion and now it’s also a part of my minor. One of the many things I love about Carroll is their commitment to student wellbeing. They even have an on-campus boutique, Orange Thread, that supports students by offering free items such as interview clothes, household essentials, food and personal care products, all for free. Carroll may be small in size, but the community is so strong. Knowing my professors and peers on a personal level has allowed me to excel in both school and in life. I’m so incredibly grateful for the experience that Carroll has given me. And on that note, Alex, the stage is yours.

– The Orange Thread sounds like an amazing resource for students, Hailey. That would’ve been so cool to have around when I was in college. From the Orange Thread to the Center for Student Life and Wellness, Carroll is dedicated to supporting students in their academic pursuits by also providing services for their mental, physical and spiritual health. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Hailey.

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