Nursing with Jillian

Segment #7 from Carroll University


Say hello to Jillian, a nursing student from De Pere, Wisconsin, minoring in Healthcare Administration. Carroll is home to one of the top nursing programs in the state with distinction honors. Support services on campus like the Learning Commons are available to help students succeed. But the excellent pass rates within the nursing program are just the beginning. Jillian, the floor is yours.

– Thanks, Alex. Like most people, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I was older, but when an emergency landed my family in the hospital for three months, I knew I wanted to be a nurse. After doing some research, I landed on Carroll University, the top nursing program in Wisconsin. Carroll is well recognized for their excellence in nursing education. With a history of strong NCLEX pass rates, I knew I would be set up for success. Carroll provides courses that are taught by highly-skilled and caring faculty who bring their own experiences to the classroom. Through lectures, instructional videos, skills labs, clinicals and support services, Carroll is here to help their students succeed. There’s no shame in going to supplemental instruction sessions or working with a peer tutor. I did and I saw significant improvements in my grade. While lectures and clinicals teach students to be successful nurses, Carroll’s nursing program also teaches their students to provide culturally competent care. They expose students to different cultures, an approach to healthcare that you might not get at other universities. The nursing curriculum is enhanced by the cross-cultural thread in our Pio Core, the General Education Program. Being almost done with my time at Carroll, I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come. With my knowledge I already have and more I will learn, I plan to graduate with my BSN. Soon I’ll be going from wearing a CNA badge to an RN badge in a hospital in my hometown. That’s all from me, Alex, back to you.

– Jillian, after seeing those state-of-the-art labs, I understand why Carroll’s nursing program is so highly rated and the Pio Core program is truly innovative. One of the best-kept secrets about the program is the cross-cultural experience, which allows students to travel domestically or abroad to gain a better understanding of their own culture while learning others. It’s just another way that Carroll graduates rise to the top. We can’t wait to see that RN badge, Jillian. Thanks again for sharing your story.

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