College of Agricultural, Human and Environmental Sciences with Chasity

Segment #4 from Southern University


Let’s meet Chastity, a senior from Baton Rouge, majoring in agricultural sciences with a focus on plant and soil science and minors in sociology and fine art. The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center and the College of Agricultural Human and Environmental Sciences together fulfill the Southern University systems tripartite mission of teaching, research, and extension and public service. Chastity, tell us more.

– Thank you for the introduction, Desi. I grew up on Southern University’s campus. I knew I wanted my higher education to incorporate my core values of sustainability and expression. Fortunately, I found my way to my major: agriculture. I focus my education into plant and soil science with minors in both sociology and fine arts. Even though those are my focuses, I’ve been able to broaden my scope of knowledge in areas of mental health and wellness as well. I’m currently involved in Southern University’s Agricultural Research and Extension Center’s Wine Break Program, gaining valuable experiences in our labs on campus. Faculty play a huge role in opportunities that I’m afforded, like my internship with the USDA and scholarships with alumni like the owners of the Darjean Jones Wine Company. My college community and activities stem from organizations I participate in. Our elite fashion society, American Sign Language Club, and Manners are minorities in agriculture and natural resources and related sciences chapter. Agriculture is a big deal at Southern University. Our College of Agricultural Human and Environmental Sciences is the only university that offers bachelor’s, a master’s, and a PhD in urban forestry. We are also the only 1890 land grant university to offer a PhD in environmental toxicology. When I first started college, I would not have expected I’d have such a wealth of experiences. I’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from both peers and faculty on campus. Moving forward, I hope to be a part of our new research initiative going abroad to study innovative agriculture and climate change. At Southern University, I’ve learned those soft skills that help sow the seeds of sustainability in our communities. Here, I learned the love of learning. That’s my story. Back to you, Desi.

– That’s awesome, Chastity. The Southern University’s Ag Center and the College of Ag are truly preparing the next generation of researchers to ensure sustainability in our communities. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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