International Student Experience

Segment #9 from Western New England University


We’re heading over to the College of Business in Churchill Hall where we will meet Aditya, an international student from India who is living here in Springfield. He is double majoring in finance and business analytics and information management, and he’s gonna share his story about coming to WNE from India and getting involved. Aditya, the floor is all yours.


– Thanks for that introduction, Alex. Coming to the US to go to college was definitely a challenging experience for me, but my family made sure that the transition was excellent as possible. I fell in love with that beautiful campus almost instantly, and it wasn’t long before I felt like I was already a part of the community. Joining American University from India was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I realized early on that there was much more to the college experience than just academics. I made a promise to myself to get involved on campus and WNE makes sure international students have plenty of options to choose from. My personal favorite is the International Club, which helps our international students feel at home on campus through events like the International Welcome Reception, International Week, and activities that highlight different cultures. I’m also the vice president of the Investment Club, which is fueled by my passion for finance. I feel genuinely connected to both the international student community and the general student body here at WNE. There’s plenty of resources on campus to help students succeed, such as the international Student and Scholar Services that helps international students navigate everything from culture shocks and housing, defining curricular practical and optional practical training opportunities. There’s always someone to go to on campus when you have questions about American or campus life in general, or practical matters about traveling and re-entering the US et cetera. None of would’ve accomplished so far be possible without the invaluable support and guidance of our faculty and staff here at WNE that encouraged my abilities and interests. WNE prepares graduates to adapt and thrive and has positioned me well to achieve my personal and professional goals, which include being an analyst at a hedge fund or an investment bank initially and someday, running my own hedge fund. Back to you, Alex.


– Wow, Aditya, you really are making the most of your time at WNE. It’s true, Golden Bears really do get involved and it’s the best way to feel part of the community, no matter who you are and where you’re from. Personal growth and exploration at WNE is best done by putting yourself out there and being part of the college experience.

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